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If you own a beach house, luxury escape, family holiday, cabin, apartment, farm stay, winery accommodation, bush shack, exclusive beachfront home, waterfront boathouse, city apartment, villa, lodge, houseboat or a cosy cottage, then stop giving away the profits of your hard work. List on Search and Stay today and enjoy 100% of your rental charges.

Search and Stay is a private accommodation rental platform, proudly founded and operated in Australia. With Search and Stay you can quickly and easily to get bookings for your holiday home. Listing your property is simple, secure, free and you pay zero commission, per-booking-charges or subscription fee. And our automated and complementary tools will manage guest communication, booking payments and check-in and check-out notifications.

Synchronise your calendar easily with other platforms using your iCalendars from another platform or sync to 60+ top listing site via a connection to our Channel Manager (charges apply).

Search and Stay's team of marketing specialists promote the platform and the property we list extensively through traditional advertising, marketing, digital and social media.

Our Story

Hard Working Holiday Home Owners Missing Out

Search and Stay founders saw diligent homeowners doing all the hard work but not enjoying their full rewards.

Most owners who self-manage their holiday properties put enormous effort into organising and preparing their holiday house, cleaning and maintaining their holiday property, decorating their holiday house and creating a fantastic holiday guest experience and yet lose a fair portion of their guest charges to listing sites and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs).

A Platform Where Owners Pay Nothing

Holiday home owners who list on most holiday listing platforms and Online Travel Agencies (OTA) pay a commission or per-booking-charge. This cost comes out of the owners' profits or is passed on to the guest.

With Search and Stay there is no cost to owners to list, book and manage properties. Search and Stay, simply, adds a minimal, affordable charge to each confirmed reservation.

Search and Stay, Simple, Useful and Affordable

Search and Stay was built as a holiday rental platform that put owners first and is a simple and useful site for holiday rental owners. Search and Stay is committed to being the most affordable holiday rental booking platform for both holiday rental guests and owners.

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Why Is It Free For Owners on Search and Stay?

There is zero cost to advertising and taking bookings for your holiday home on Search and Stay.

Holiday property owners who self-manage their accommodation put an enormous amount of effort into managing their holiday house, cleaning and maintaining their holiday property, decorating their holiday house and creating a fantastic holiday guest experience around the rental of their holiday accommodation. Listing your holiday home on most platforms, you expect to pay either commissions or per-booking-fees when a guest chooses to stay at your property.

Some holiday rental property owners may add these fees into the cost of the booking or include it in the rates of their holiday home, this is a completely acceptable way of reducing your loss however, it does inflate the cost of your property and could be off-putting to guests.

Search and Stay charge a very minimal booking fee to the guest per booking and there is no cost to owners.

If you're a holiday property owner, own a holiday unit or apartment or rent out your holiday house, you need to consider this as a business and ensure that you make a suitable profit so that you can enjoy your hard work.

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Connect To 60+ Booking Sites With Our Channel Manager*

Sync your property to all other high-performing holiday platforms including Google Holiday Rentals, Airbnb, Stayz, Booking.com, Homeaway plus 60 more, with our low-cost channel manager. Available for 1 to 999 properties. (*fees apply)

Our channel manager is one of the few that is a premier partner with four of the world’s largest OTAs – Airbnb, Booking.com, Vrbo and Tripadvisor.

Appear in Google’s holiday rental platform 

  • It provides a connection to Google’s new holiday rental platform and Google Travel so listings appear in Google Search and Google Maps.
  • Gives holiday management companies with less than 20 properties a cost-effective channel to manage global site listings and distribution.
  • Helps owners increase profits and reduce workload with secure, reliable and up-to-date connections removing the risk of double booking.

Millions of travellers search, compare and book their accommodation on Google Travel. Using our channel manager to connect to Google, you’ll see your properties appear in Google Search and Google Maps - competing at the highest level alongside other accommodation.

Holiday rental owners who list on Search and Stay can choose to advertise properties across diverse platforms like location-specific sites; sites to fit particular travel requirements like business travel, accessible travel or pet-friendly; sites catering to travel trends like digital nomads or sports tourism; Metasearch engines; short-term rental wholesalers and of course, Google’s vacation rental platform. 

(*fees apply to Channel Manager. RRP $10/property/month)

LIST ON 60+ OTHER SITES (fees apply)

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